Trade war: “Things are going very well with China” for Trump

Trade war: “Things are going very well with China” for Trump

Donald Trump assured Saturday that everything was going “very well with China”, defending his economic strategy, two days after announcing the extension of tariffs to all Chinese imports.


“Things are going very well with China. They pay us tens of billions of dollars, which is made possible by the devaluations of their currency ”, developed the American president, who regularly accuses Beijing of lowering the price of its currency.

The tenant of the White House, who keeps blowing hot and cold on this issue, relaunched the trade war on Thursday the day after a brief negotiating session in Beijing without progress. He announced that his administration would impose, as of September 1, 10% additional customs duties on the 300 billion dollars of Chinese imports so far spared. Washington already imposes additional customs duties of 25% on more than 250 billion dollars of Chinese goods. “So far the consumer does not pay anything”, continued Donald Trump.

If the previous tariffs had little affected consumers, it will be much different with those announced Thursday. These tariffs will concern everyday consumer goods, as well as hairdryers, sneakers, flat screen televisions or wedding dresses. The Chinese government has warned that it will have no choice but to take retaliatory action if Donald Trump follows through on his threat. The Republican leader also praised his business strategy on Saturday. “Countries come to us and want to negotiate real trade deals, not the horrible one-sided promotional offers made by previous administrations. They don’t want to be covered by US taxes. ”

(with AFP)